As sports and games play a vital role in the all round development of a student, we give due importance to sports and physical activities in our school. Constant and regular practice is imperative to excel in any game. So our students are being trained in various games like Volleyball, Footbal, Table Tennis, Basket Ball Badminton etc. regularly. We are indeed very fortunate to have all the facilities like, Basket ball ground, Volleyball court, Badminton court TT board etc in our school.

With the dedicated efforts of the physical education department and sincere participation of the students we have been able to achieve remarkable position in different spheres of games and sports. Our students sincerely participate and showcase their talents in various competitions be it on the school level or National level and bring laurels to our school. Our students follow the sporting expression "To play the game" and stand for honor, loyalty and duty.                                                      

Inter House Competitions-Sports & Games (2019-2020)
Sub Juniors(I-V) Junior(IV-VIII) Senior(IX&X) Super Senior(XI&XII)
Boys & Girls Boys & Girls Boys & Girls Boys & Girls
I Std & II Std
Passing the ball
Badminton S(1) Badminton S(1) Badminton S(1) & D(2)
Basket Ball (7)
Chess(1) Chess(1) Chess(1)
Table Tennis S(1) Table Tennis S(1) Table Tennis S(1) & D(2)
Common Games (VI - X) Volley Ball(8)
Boys:                                                Girls:
           1. Basket Ball (7)                       1. Basket Ball (7)
           2. Foot Ball (13)                        2. Kho Kho (11)  
           3. Volley Ball (8)                     3. Volley Ball (8)  

 Note:  1. Sub juniors must take part in group games.

2. Juniors & Seniors can take part in any one individual & two common games.

3. Super Seniors can take part in any three games.

4. Team games will be conducted with prior intimation. House in charge is requested to give their house-selected team list accordingly.

I & II Std
III & IV Std V Std
Boys & Girls Boys & Girls Boys & Girls
1.      25 Mts Run 1.      50 Mts Run 1.      100 Mts Run
2.      Getting Ready for School 2.      Lemon & Spoon 2.      Ball Throw (Girls)
      Long Jump (Boys)
3. Bursting balloon(Any one) 3. Filling the bottle(Any one) 3. 4X100 mts. Relay

Note: It is planned that each & every child must part in any one event.

Secondary & Higher Secondary
VI Std VII Std VIII Std IX & X Std XI & XII Std
100 mts 100 mts 100 mts , 200 mts &600 mts 100 mts, 200 mts& 800 mts(boys only)
400 mts(girs only)
100 mts , 200 mts & 800 mts
200 mts 200 mts Long Jump Long Jump 1500 mts 
400 mts 600 mts High Jump High Jump Long Jump
Long Jump Long Jump Shot Put & Discuss Shot Put & Discuss High Jump
Ball Throw Shot Put Relay 4X100 mts Relay 4X100 mts Shot Put & Discuss
Relay 4X100 mts Relay 4X100 mts     Relay 4X100 mts


Note :

1.     Athletic Selection trials will be conducted & two will be selected per event per house by the PETs in the PET periods. Finals will be conducted for the selected students with prior intimation.

2.     Students from VI to VIII can take part in any three events (one track & two Field or two track & one Field) excluding relay.

3.     Seniors & Super Seniors can take part in any four events (Two Track & Field) excluding relay.


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